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Live Stream Machine – Breakthrough App Generates A Perpetual Stream Of Visitors To Your Live Videos, Giving You Massive Exposure (And Ca$h) Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Live Stream Machine allows you to syndicate your live video to an unlimited amount of pages and groups that you own. On top of that, it sends out notifications to all major social media accounts like (Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). Live Stream Machine Overview • Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below: o GIANT Bonuses Pack 1 o SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2 o ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3 o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4 o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5 What Is Live Stream Machine? There are certain moments in time when something extraordinary takes places. The invention of the Internet was one of those things. The revolution of the self-publishing industry with Amazon Kindle was another one. Today, it is something completely different. When YouTube first came along, it was nothing more than a website with videos for pure entertainment. When it became bigger, they started adding ways for people like you and me, with great content, even to earn a full time living from publishing videos. What is even more appealing than a regular video? The answer is pretty simple. People want more than to just watch a video on the Internet. They want to take part in the action. Be there LIVE with the person doing a video. To ENGAGE. Live streams now are trendy; they are engaging and exciting. Facebook has made it popular with their easy to use a broadcast feature on their App for iOS and Android. Why is Facebook Live so Powerful?? Simply put, because it allows users to engage with you live, opening up monetization methods that were only available to expensive webinar services before. Imagine being able to do a training session on whatever it is that you have to offer, being able to directly answer questions and even a link to buy your product, directly on Facebook! There is one BIG problem with it, though… You can only stream live video to one place at a time. This means that you will only reach your friends or people in a certain group, or page… Now we have an app that could exponentially increase the visibility of your videos with the click of a button, creating a tidal wave of visitors to your live stream? Introducing: Live Stream Machine Live Stream Machine allows you to syndicate your live video to an unlimited amount of pages and groups that you own. On top of that, it sends out notifications to all major social media accounts like (Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). How Does Live Stream Machine Work? Special Features of Live Stream Machine: Here is what Live Stream Machine will do for you: • Syndicate your live video across all your pages and groups the moment you go live • Send out a message to all your social media accounts, letting people know that you are live on Facebook (or YouTube) • Syndicate your “offline” videos (via upload or link to video) on unlimited Facebook pages and groups that you own • Drive Insane amounts of people to your live video! It doesn’t stop there…. It does the same for YouTube live videos too! Whenever you start a live stream, it will syndicate it to all the places you specified within our App. It took thousands of dollars and countless hours to program and now it is here, ready for you to generate some serious income with it. Who Should Use Live Stream Machine? No installation needed (browser based), works with Windows and Mac, no technical skills required. It’s a No Brainer. Why Should You Get Live Stream Machine Now? The system inside Live Stream Machine is so easy, even a seven-year-old niece can make money from it… Live Stream Machine will revolutionize the live video market and YOU are on the forefront of it all. Be the first to get your hands on this Breakthrough new software. Facebook live streams are watched three times as long as regular videos, and it is the World’s fastest growing video streaming service available. Here are some of the results: And now after revealing all the features inside Live Stream Machine, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with Live Stream Machine. Conclusion Make money THIS week and scale up to a SIX FIGURE online income!!! And don’t forget, the pricing on this product is limited during this launch, and it will be rising significantly! If you want this awesome package at this low price you need to act quickly before the price jumps up in a big way! Live Stream Machine, Live Stream Machine review, Live Stream Machine review and bonus, Live Stream Machine reviews, Live Stream Machine reviews and bonuses, Live Stream Machine discount, Live Stream Machine bonus, Live Stream Machine bonuses, Live Stream Machine review and discount, Live Stream Machine review in detail, Live Stream Machine ultimate review, Live Stream Machine demo, Live Stream Machine demo review,
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