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Self-Publishing Blueprint – The “Self-Publishing” Revolution Allows Anyone To Become A Paid Author Self-Publishing Blueprint is considered as a hallmark project, dedicated to helping aspiring online marketers make their mark on the world. This results-driven web app gives you full step-by-step training on how to make steady profits in the rapidly expanding self-publishing business. What Is Self-Publishing Blueprint? Do you have a strong desire to leave a legacy behind? How would you like to make money doing something that will leave a positive mark on people’s lives? If you want to create goodwill and profit in the process, the ‘Self-Publishing Blueprint’ may be the course you’ve been looking for all along. Scroll down below to get the full details … This is a real business and it will not build itself. You will be hard-pressed to become a millionaire overnight. This is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. While you WILL be able to make a lot happen ‘on complete autopilot’ you will need logical thinking & total dedication if you wish to succeed. This business will require your full & undivided attention for approx. 1 hour per day. If you have 5+ hours per week to contribute to building a real, sustainable business with predictable monthly income. This Simple Self-Publishing Model Generates Thousands Per Year And A Substantial Recurring Monthly Income With NO Experience Necessary. Introducing: Self-Publishing Blueprint Self-Publishing Blueprint is considered as a hallmark project, dedicated to helping aspiring online marketers make their mark on the world. This results-driven web app gives you full step-by-step training on how to make steady profits in the rapidly expanding self-publishing business. How Does Self-Publishing Blueprint Work? Special Features of Self-Publishing Blueprint: Bryan’s course will teach you (in just Seven Simple Steps) how to design a successful self-publishing business, with zero experience required, all from the comfort of your own home, Self-Publishing Blueprint includes: • All 7 course modules outlining the entire business plan, including training videos • Complete crystal clear action and marketing plans • Dozens of templates, guides, and helpful extras • Downloadable lesson transcripts • Everything you need to build a growing and profitable business generating recurring income year after year Module 1 – First Thoughts Answers to all of your initial burning questions Module 2 – Getting Started Book types, market research, niche selection it's all covered here Module 3 - Building The Foundation Learn how to create your treasure trove of distribution channels Module 4 - Creating The Intellectual Property Do-It-Yourself or Outsource it is your choice Module 5 - Publishing & Maximizing Sales Channels Multiple streams of income. Heck, you will have so many it will make your head spin Module 6 – Marketing Take a set and forget approach or implement a marketing machine and explode your sales through the roof Module 7 – Final Thoughts Tie it all together and get ready for your business to soar BONUS – Additional Extras You get everything – templates, action plans, marketing plans, and more Why Should You Get Self-Publishing Blueprint Now? Within these Seven Simple Steps, Bryan will take you through all the ‘ins and outs’ of the self-publishing industry, showing you a quick shortcut to guarantee an instant ROI and a regular income source, including what types of books are the most profitable, the most effective market research methods, and how to maximize the potential of your sales channels. One question people like you often ask is this: “What is the income potential of your self-publishing model?” It’s only fair you should be aware of the kind of income you may be raking in once you use my course to help you maximize the potential of your self-publishing home business: So the more books you publish under your own brand, the more your monthly and yearly income will rise and rise… But the best thing about this model is YOU control the income potential of your business. You meet your own quotas and you meet your own deadlines. So if you can see yourself making up to $150,966.00 a year just by sitting at your home computer, you have the option and the power to do so. This is just one of the helpful tips you will receive once you start taking his course. Here are the BIG results his method has produced: And here’s what his customers say about the product: Conclusion Before you make a decision, let me ask you some question: Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you see yourself kicking back in your own home while you see a consistent increase of income into a self-publishing business you were able to get going in no time at all? Wouldn’t you love to call yourself a lucrative entrepreneur with zero previous experience in your very own field? Isn’t it time you started making a solid, honest, profitable living without having to endure the daily grind every day for the rest of your life? Only 1 hour per day of your time is required to complete the video modules, to review the action plans, and to execute the marketing plans. For extra help, additional how-to templates & step-by-step guides will be provided. So if you’re interested in learning his foolproof, easy-to-learn, seven-step model for cultivating a profitable self-publishing business, click the big yellow button right now, and put yourself on the road to earning the income and profits you deserve today. 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