TextDeliver 2 Review - AMAZING 80% Discount and $26,800 Bonus NOW!
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TextDeliver 2 Review – Eye-Popping stats… Email vs SMS! TextDeliver 2 is an SMS platform application which is used to create and manage text messages campaigns that you can work or exchange without the Internet. By using this software, you can take all of the information about your products and progress of business. What Is TextDeliver 2? We’ve all seen it… Our businesses have been negatively impacted by it… Yes, I’m talking about the continuous decline in email deliverability and performance. It’s time to stop marketing like its 1999 and adapt to the mobile world! And with the release of Text Deliver 2.0, this just got a whole lot easier. SMS/Text Messages has proven to outperform email… and its only growing! Open Rates: 98% (compared to 22%) CTR: 14% (compared to 7%) Conversion Rates: 8% (compared to 2%) Time to Open: 90 seconds (compared to 384 minutes) The reason is simple… People are ATTACHED to their phones (checking it a bazillion times a day). Plus with mobile devices getting smarter and intuitive its easier for users to signup and purchase with their phone or tablet. No more need to go to the desktop anymore. This is why the Email Autoresponder is being replaced with this… TextDeliver keeps you comfortable with the email autoresponder-like layout, but for MOBILE. Best of all there are no restrictions (but for a very short time). So if you want to know more about this amazing software, scroll down to read the rest of my TextDeliver 2 review. TextDeliver 2 Review Special Features of TextDeliver 2: Custom Fields Now you are able to create and add custom fields to your Opt-in forms, allowing to capture additional information about each subscriber - building a complete contact profile. Schedule-Based Triggers TextDeliver allows you to setup automated "Reminders" based on a custom field you specify. Simultaneous Opt-In If you want to add your subscriber to your SMS list, email list, and register them for a webinar at the same time? Now you can! The software make it easy for easy follow up communication and generating more webinar attendees. Zapier Integration They understand marketers use lots of different 3rd party services to power their business. Which is why they now integrate with Zapier - allow you to pass any data collected in TextDeliver to the over 500+ integrate partners that Zapier connects to. API Using their API documentation, you can register a subscriber to TextDeliver or pass customer data from TextDeliver to any 3rd party service/platform using their API. Capture Phone Numbers From Your Website Use this drag and drop form building tool, you can build your responsive mobile list as it was to capture emails in the ‘old fashioned’ way.


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